Victory spring training camp 2018 2018. 02. 14., szerda, 17:48

Invited instructor: Sensei Valeri Dimitrov

Victory spring training camp 2018

Invited instructor: Sensei Valeri Dimitrov

Victory Kyokushin Karate Club is organising an open international klub seminar, where anyone can attend  who wants to learn and improve.


  • Experiences from one of the top fighters in the world
  • Belt exam and preparation for contests
  • Teaching the necessary basics to beginners and advances learners
  • Supporting the technical foundation of the competitors

Date and location:

Martfű, Honbu Dojo 29.03.-01.04. 2018

 (It is possible to take part for a shorter period or only just for the Sensei Valeri Open day!)

Organizer and leader of the camp:  Shihan József Stefanovics 5th dan


  • Belt grading preparations
  • Supporting the technical foundation of the competitors
  • 2-3 trainings a day in seperated groups (according to belt grade and experience)
  • Spa possibility
  • Theoretical and practical teaching by Sensei Valeri
  • Conversation with Sensei Valeri Dimitrov

Protectors, proper clothing for running and bag trainings are necessary.

First training: 5 pm 29th March

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov Open Day: 31st March

Masters of the camp:

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov 4.dan

Shihan  József Stefanovics 5.dan

Sensei  Gábor Búzás 3.dan

Senpai  Zsolt Balogh 2.dan

Senpai  Krisztián Pető 2. dan

Senpai  Lídia Körmöndi 2.dan



  • Basic fee: 8800 Ft (28 €)
  • Accompaniing person’s fee: 4900 Ft (16 €)
  • Daily fee: 4900 Ft/person/day (16 €)

Fort he person who pays a basic fee in the camp, the price contains the Sensei Valeri Seminar Fee! It is possible to come just for the Sensei Valeri Open Day by paying an individual fee!

Sensei Valeri Seminar fees:  

Adult Open: 4900Ft (16€)   Child Open: 1500 Ft (5€)

MEAL: Lunch: 750 Ft (2,5 €)  Dinner: 550 Ft (2 €)   Special meals are available on request!


  • Hostel: 2000 Ft(6,5 €)/person/night  (4 beds/room, shower on the corridor)
  • Hostel plus: 3000 Ft(10 €)/person/night  (2 beds/room, shower / 2 rooms)
  • Apartman: 4.550 Ft/person/night (15 €)  (2 persons)
  • Small bungalow: 3.850 Ft/person/night (12,5 €)  (3 persons)
  • Big bungalow: 3.300 Ft/person/night (11 €)  (5 persons)
  • Mansion: 4.000 Ft/person/night (13 €)  (20 persons)
  • Hotel ­**** rooms for 1, 2 or 4 person, buffet breakfast

Pictures of the Apartman, bungalows and mansion:

If our partners modify, we reserve the right for price and program change.

More information:       Facebook:


Deadline for application: 23.03.2018

Osu! Everybody is welcome!

Shihan  József Stefanovics

5th dan

Training camp schedule (can change)

Martfű  29.03-01.04. 2018

29.03. Thursday

4pm- 5pm Training- kids

5pm- 6.30pm Training- Adult

7pm- 8pm Spa opportunity

8pm- 9pm Dinner

9pm- watching videos, talking


30.03. Friday

7am-8am Conditioning training (common)

10am- Training- kids

11am- 00.30pm Training- Adult

00.30pm- 1.30pm Lunch

2pm-3pm Training-kids Valeri Sensei

3.15pm- 4.45pm Closed Training-competitors Valeri Sensei

5pm- 6.30pm Training-Adult Valeri Sensei

7pm- 8pm Spa opportunity

8pm- 9pm Dinner


31.03. Saturday

7am-8am Conditioning training (common) Valeri Sensei

9am-10am Training-kids Valeri Sensei

10am-00am OPEN Training-Adult Valeri Sensei

00am-1pm Lunch

2.15pm-2.50pm OPEN Conversation Valeri Sensei

3pm-4.30pm OPEN Training-kids Valeri Sensei

5pm-7pm OPEN Training-Adult Valeri Sensei

8pm-10pm Dinner, Sayonara party,



01.04. Sunday

                                                               8am-9am Belt exam-kids

                                             9.30am- 10.30am Presentation: Conditional possibilities in karate

10.45am- 00.30pm Practical hour-how to use tools

Proper using of the bag

Proper using of the dot gloves

00.30pm- 1.30pm Lunch

Sensei Valeri Open Day Seminar schedule

(can change)

Martfű 31.03.2018

10am- 00am Training-adults

2.15pm- 2.50pm Conversation with Sensei Valeri Dimitrov

3pm- 4.30pm Training-kids

5pm-7pm Training-adults

8pm-     Sayonara part